Tariq Walsh Model Profile


Todays Fashion Sizzler is Tariq Walsh  aka Ricky. Tariq  was one of the models featured on the runway of our Fashion Sizzle NYFWM Show 2017

Fashion Sizzle NYFWM 2017
Fashion Sizzle NYFWM 2017

I  love fashion, modeling, photography, and designing clothes. Ever since I was little I would draw up designs for the clothes I’d want to wear and take pictures with my friends to become a “model”. In high school, that’s all my friends and I focused on… making clothes and being a model. I had my camera to capture it all!
I’m a student at Kean University in New Jersey but as of right now I’m studying abroad in China at Wenzhou Kean University.
 I live in Bergen County it’s in the northern part of NJ that’s why I’m always in New York. As mentioned before I love to take pictures, model and design clothes but aside from that I also love playing basketball, skating, dancing, freestyle rapping, and a bunch of other things. I pretty much love everything art related.
My favorite brands/designers are Acne Studios, Uniqlo, RAF Simons, JW Anderson, Pronouce (a Chinese brand), but in actuality I shop anything. If I like it I buy it. It’s not necessarily about the brands it’s about the piece itself and how I can put it together. I’d like to wear things that don’t seem normal and pull it off the best I can.
The fashion industry is a hard to break into! I’ve been trying to get signed to an agency so I can model more and be more creative with camera work. My true purpose in the industry is learning. The biggest obstacles is getting a chance. People aren’t as willing to give you the opportunity these days. It’s hard to get known with everybody doing the same thing as you. I’m trying to figure out what makes me stand out. Whether it be my physical features or my style something is going to catch the right persons eyes or I’ll build myself on my own as I’ve been doing.
To anybody that wants to be in fashion or model. Actually know what you’re getting into. It’s like sports.. super competitive. The best thing you can do is maintain a fit body, great skin, establish a unique look, and most importantly network. It’s sad to say but it really is “who you know”, or I should say “who knows you”. If you want to be successful you need to keep talking to people and showing your talents without fail. And never stop chasing your dreams because people will doubt and discourage you no matter what. You just have to know how great you are from within and continue shining.
When I graduated high school the class president and salutatorian mentioned me in there speeches and said “I can’t wait to see Tariq on GQ and Vogue covers “bodying” the fashion industry”. I want to keep that energy! The people around me believe I can do and so do I. I want to keep achieving my dreams of modeling and taking pictures internationally.
My actually brand is called MCMXCs, it is Roman numerals for 1990s! You can call it “XCs”. It also stands for Motivation Creates the Mentality to Xcape Criticism from Society. People tell that’s really long but it’s supposed to be a message to do whatever you want no matter what people say to you. At the end of the day all you really have is yourself so make sure you’re happy and stay motivated. As of right now I’m trying to develop MCMXCs as much as possible with my own designs and construction.
I haven’t decided on a dream job yet but I want to be in business and fashion. Maybe a creative director, manager of a fashion company, a photographer. I’m not really quite sure, I’m still sampling out what is the most feasible and best option. I just really like art to be honest.
If you want to contact me you can contact me on Instagram @tareqyreq and my email is also on there. my photography page is @riqture and brand page is @mcmxcsclo.
If you want to work just contact me.
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Idris Elba In Gucci – The Dark Tower New York Premiere

idris-elba-lod-2 (1)

42DBB4E000000578-0-image-m-100_1501561096060Idris Elba pictured here with Matthew McConaughey attended the premiere of their new movie The Dark Tower in New York .

Idris Elba is wearing head-to toe- Gucci Spring 2017 featuring a black blazer worth $2,750 USD, snake appliqué collared shirt worth $590 USD along with chinos pants worth $690 USD .


His look was completed with a pair of Gucci brixton snake loafers worth $750 USD.

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