South Korea’s First Major Black Fashion Model – Hyun-min



Han Hyun-min  born 19 May 2001) is a Nigerian Korean male model. He is widely regarded as the first black-skinned talent to ever walk the local catwalks in South Korea.

Hyun-min was born in 2001 to a Nigerian immigrant and a Korean mother. He was raised in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul, where many foreigners in Korea reside, as well as some of the richest Korean entrepreneurs.

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Heritage Links At Fashion Sizzle NYFW Menswear 2017

DSC_5425 (1)

Heritage Links brand showcased the brands menswear collection at Fashion Sizzle NYFWM  fashion show that  was held on Sunday July 9, 2017  at Holy Apostles Ballroom during New York Fashion Week Men.The Collection included vibrant color African fabric prints. The brand will also be featured on Fashion Sizzle NYFW women’s show  during NY fashionweek on Sept 9 , 2017

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Danny Nguyen Couture To Showcase At Fashion Sizzle NYFW


Lurid fluorescent light spills over a shadowy figure working deep into the night. Exacting needles, spools of fine thread, and luxuriant fabrics find their way in and around the dexterous hands of this diligent artist. Reckless passion is cast aside and replaced by the brutal will of a true fashion designer. To describe Danny Nguyen’s talents with words would be as futile as identifying infinity with a number.

Despite his now bolstering yet enigmatic personality, Danny Nguyen’s foundation in the fashion world is rooted in the soil of humility. He began as a child, under the wing of his mother. Predating his arrival to the United States, Danny would be seen at a very early age cutting fabrics, collecting designs and assisting with custodial chores around his mothers alteration. During this period, he developed and refined many of the essential skills of a fine fashion designer.

From hence, Danny has developed further in many other aspects of the fashion world upon his arrival to the rich and diverse culture of Houston. He has his own studio for alterations and design entitled DNC (Danny Nguyen Couture) in which he spends a great deal of time pursuing his dream which dances at the end of every needle he drives into his next exquisite creation. He is a son, a brother, and a friend but most importantly, he is the embodiment of a calling whose sound does not quiet until it has reached the end of the runway.

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